Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mata Hari on postcard

After the execution of Mata Hari at the age of 41 by the French, innumerable postcards and postal stationery have been issued by many countries to celebrate the life and dance style of the Dutch woman who was praised as the most beautiful woman of her times by many writers and critics. Throughout the world there are many restaurants, clubs, villas, companies, video games, and even computer software named after her. Her head was cut of and mummified and stored along with the heads of 100 criminals guillotined or executed by the French firing squad at the Museum of Anatomy - The Musée d'Anatomie Delmas-Orfila-Rouvière - now located on the eighth floor of the Faculty of Medicine, Paris V René Descartes University, 45, rue des Saints-Pères, VIe arrondissement of Paris, France. The rest of her body was also received here and kept there. But both were noticed as missing since time of the Second World War, all other items of the museum remaining in tact.

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