Monday, November 7, 2016

William Daniell: Gates of the palace at Lucknow

This oil on canvas work, “Gates of the palace at Lucknow” dimensions 89cm x 135cm, was painted in 1801 by the English landscape painter William Daniell (1769–1837).

During that period, the artist, along with his uncle Thomas Daniell, was travelling around India and collaborating for their illustrated work called Oriental Scenery.

The year of the painting “Gates of the palace at Lucknow” relates to the period when Awadh, an independent kingdom with its capital at Lucknow, was ruled by Saadat Ali Khan II (1752-1814). Khan, who was installed by the British as Nawab, signed a treaty with them in 1801, and surrendered a huge chunk of Awadh territory to them.

William Daniell later painted a series of watercolors of many sceneries of the coastline of Britain for the book A Voyage Round Great Britain.